Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (2024)

Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour
TheBow of Faerdhinenis a magical bow that once belonged toFaerdhinen, an elite elven warrior. Requiring level 75Rangedand 70Agilityto wield, it provides the highest Ranged Attack and Ranged Strength bonus out of any weapon for itsattack speed.

If the player dies inPvP, the inactive bow is dropped, and all shards used to charge it will be lost. InPvMon the other hand, all current charges will be kept.

Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (1)

  • How do I obtain it?
    • You can obtain the items through the crystal chest by using an enhanced crystal key on it. The crystal armour & bow loot out of the chest is rare.
    • You can create an enhanced crystal key by using 20 crystal shards on a crystal key, read more below.
  • How does the crystal armour work?
    • The bow benefits from damage and accuracy boosts whencrystal armouris equipped.
    • The bow will receive a15% damage bonus and 30% accuracy bonus if the entirecrystal armourset is equipped.
  • Do the items degrade?
    • The armour doesn't degrade, the bow does. The tradeable version is the inactive version of the bow which can also be looted from the chest.
    • You have to charge the bow with crystal shards in order to make it the active variant with bonuses, 1 shard grants 100 charges like the Blade of saeldor.
  • How can I corrupt the bow?
    • In order to corrupt the bow you need to use 2.000 crystal shards on it, the corrupted bow will not degrade and reverting it will make you lose the inital shards used to corrupt it.
    • If you have already charged your bow, it will use less crystal shards in order to corrupt it.
  • How can I colour the bow?
    • You can colour the corrupted bow by using the Crystal weapon (c) ornament on it. You can purchase this from the PK Point store for 50.000 PK Points.
    • The bow can be transformed into white, black, green and the purple colour. The projectile of the bow will be the same colour as the bow.

      Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (2)

Iorwerth Dungeon
A new dungeon has been added, you can get here through the Ancient Wizard, dungeons category > Iorwerth Dungeon.

  • Which monsters can I find in the Iorwerth Dungeon?
    • Moss giants
    • Kurasks
    • Iorwerth Warriors
    • Waterfiends
    • Mutated Bloodvelds
    • Dark beast
    • Greater Nechryaels
  • What do they drop?
    • This is the only area where you can obtain crystal shards, crystal shards are used for creating enhanced crystal keys and charging the Blade of saeldor & Bow of faerdhinen.
    • The monsters drop shards every drop, as an uncommon and a rare drop.
    • The amount that's dropped every kill varies based on the combat level of the monsters, the rarity of the uncommon and rare is also based on that.

      Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (3)

Teleport, Shop & Other UI Reworks
We have redone the teleport and shop system to be more user-friendly.

  • What has been updatedin the Teleport system?
    • We have added icons next to the categories to make it more user-friendly.
    • Descriptions have been added, skilling has more informative descriptions.
    • The search bar can be used for:
      • In order to find monsters, locations or shortened versions of locations, e.g. corp, gdz or revs.
      • Searching for certain item drops from monsters, e.g. torture.
      • Searching for fishing spots, e.g. shark, shrimp.
      • Searching for mining spots, e.g. amethyst.
    • You can now add teleports to your favorites.
    • You can toggle the descriptions with the 'Show less information' button for a slimmer interface.

      Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (4)

  • What else has changed UI-wise?
    • The shops UI now has improved borders and buttons, also icons have been added next to the categories.
    • The 'Opponent HP Bar Overlay' has been updated to match the OSRS overlay. You can toggle this to the old one in ::toggle at 'Overlay Style'

      Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (5)

Other updates

  • Every imbued max cape will now have the item options of the default max cape along with it's benefits.
  • The blade of saeldor can now be corrupted into lots of colours just like the Bow of faerdhinen by using theCrystal weapon (c) ornament on it.
  • Summer pies now work exactly like OSRS, you can purchase it in the miscellaneous store.
  • We have added a key remapping feature, you can now use 1-9 digits as your hotkeys. You can use this featurein ::toggle.
  • You can now hide the Bounty Hunter killstreakskulls through the ::toggle interface, 'Hide Killstreak Skulls'.
  • The southern area of the Jorgumand's prison is now slayer task only.
  • The shortcuts in the catacombs now work properly along with their agility requirements.
  • You can now use revenant ether on your god cape to imbue it instead of having to talk to the Emblem trader.
  • Added the missing fishing options for Pike and Bass at the fishing guild.
  • Realism ranks will now also get their stats restored at the rejuvenation pool or through ::restore.
  • Your looting bag inventory check interface will now close upon moving or getting attacked.
  • You will now always left-click in duel arena, regardless if you are in the same clanchat as your opponent.
  • More demonic gorilla's have been added to the donator island.
  • Added the special graphic effects on attack of the ornamented Scythe of vitur and sanguinesti staff.
  • The door of the general store has been fixed at Edgeville PvP.
  • You can no longer enter the resource area in a PvP height.
  • Added the last changes OSRS has done with the equipment rebalancing update.
  • Rick Turpentine will no longer bug and interrupt you if you are afk-splashing.
  • The neitiznot faceguard will now properly show your beard.
  • Patched a bug with banking whilst in search mode.
  • Patched a bug with the gear system whilst in resizeable.
Update #36: Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour, Iorwerth Dungeon & UI Reworks (2024)
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