Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (2024)

This is our full walthrough for Chapter 7 of Trapmaker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

After investigating Trapmakers secret lair in Chapter 6 we have found clues to the bombs placed around the conference center. Now we need to disarm them.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (1)

Star: top right on the cieling.

Tap on the planter on the right to collect some light bulbs.

Tap on the bin to the far left to knock it down and then collect the wire cutters.

Use the wire cutters on the wires sticking out of the Convention Center sign on the right. You can then open it and collect a map.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (2)

Tap the inside panel of the Convention center sign again to open it and find rows of light bulbs.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (3)

Add the ones you collected to it. The lights will start flashing.

Hint: watch where each colour of lights appears, put together the segments of each colour and you will see numbers.



Green: 2

Blue: 8

Yellow: 3

Red: 6

Tap on the prohibited Items machine on the left. This has a 4 digit lock with colours.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (4)

Use the code from above



. Collect the hammer.

Now use the hammer to break the glass on the bottom panel of the machine. Collect a craft knife and the liquid nitrogen spray.

Next to the machine is a box with a padlock.

Use the liquid nitrogen on the padlock to freeze it and then use the hammer to break it.

You will receive two packages.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (5)

Open the blue package to get an electric screwdriver.

The right package is very suspicious. Tap to view it and look for clues.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (6)

Clue: Start w/TM, 5 cuts

Hint: Check the map you collected. Open it while looking at the package to see that the patterns match.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (7)

Hint: Tap the glass elevator behind the convention center sign to see a listing of locations and the floor numbers they are on.



Using the craft knife make 5 cuts, use the order of the floors to pick the locations on the package.

Tap to draw a cut line. Tap in order:

TM logo (Lobby),

Top left sticker,

Top right stamp,

Address panel (U.S. Patent Office),



Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (8)

The package is open but we need to disarm the bomb.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (9)

Use the screwdriver to remove the bottom plate and then use the wirecutters to cut the red wire. We then remove the cover.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (10)

This is a timed puzzle.

You only have 2 minutes to figure this out but if it explodes you will just get to try again.

Hint: There are several circuits with switches and toggles to control the flow of power as well as wires that can be cut. You need to make sure no power goes to the Detonate control at the top. while also sending enough power to the disarm option.

Hint: You do not need to place all the batteries, It is advisable to leave the batteries until last to avoid accidentally detonating the bomb while making the settings.



Copy the set up below.

Set 2 circular toggles to the up position on the right. Cut top 2 red wires, Left switch off, other 2 switches to the right on. Then place the battery on the right and the one at the bottom only.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (11)

Collect the keycard.

Use the key card on the elevator. Head up to the rooftop.

The elevator stops halfway

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (12)

Star: Far left window.

Collect the Cloth banner, green buttons, and warning signs fro the floor.

Tap the circle on the floor to collect the UV glass. Then place the UV glass on the ceiling light.

Tap to view the elevator control panel.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (13)

Use the cloth banner to clear away the paint logo.

Use the screwdriver to remove the top left panel. Clue: “Approved by inspector #89.”

Place the warning signs and the green buttons on the panel.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (14)

With the UV light you should see mathematical symbols on the panel.

Place the warning signs in the appropriate spots (for their shape and size).

We then get:


89 + 911 + 3055 – 1000 + 100 = 3155

Place the green buttons on the correct places on the right.

Hint: these are elevator buttons and need to read 0-5 from bottom to top.









Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (15)

Now you need to enter a 4 digit code. Use the result from the equation above. Press the floor buttons that correspond to the code




The bottom panel will now be open with another puzzle.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (16)

Connect the chips together by tapping pairs to activate the connections between them. The dots on each chip show how many connections it needs to have. The dots will light green when the correct number is reached.



In the image below you just need to add a final connection on the top left.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (17)

The elevator is active again.

When it stops the doors do not open. Use the screwdriver to remove a loose piece of handrail.

Then use this on the doors to open them.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (18)

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (19)

Tap the strings of lights to knock them down and collect a 'plug pairs' cable.

Then tap the tall black speaker pole to knock it down too and collect another 'plug pair'.

Finally tap to knock down the security camera above the door to get a third 'plug pair'.

On the center door is a lock with a 6 letter combination.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (20)

Hint: there are 6 potted plants. each pot has a number of rings.



Tap pairs of plants to swap them. Rearrange them so that each bush is indicting a letter.

Place the letters in order of the rings.

1: F

2: I

3: N

4: D

5: M

6: E

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (21)

Use this code on the lock on the door. We find the final bomb.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (22)

For this puzzle you need to use the 3 plug pairs. First place them in the bottom holders.

A socket will light up and you must place a wire into it. Sanjana will then tell you which socket to place the other connection into. When the lights go out you can remove the plugs.

Keep doing this following the lights and Sanjana's instructions.

You must make 15 correct connections. If you make 2 mistakes or are too slow it will explode and you start again.

Once you complete the puzzle the bomb is disarmed and you have completed Chapter 7. Move on to Chapter 8.

Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (23)

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Trapmaker - Chapter 7 (2024)


Who is Trapmaker? ›

Bradford Jace, better known as Trapmaker, is the antagonist of the Trapmaker, Trapmaker 2, and Trapmaker 3 mysteries in video game Adventure Escape Mysteries.

What is the plot of Trapmaker? ›

The 'Trapmaker' Trilogy is a three part series of puzzle games by Haiku games. The series follows the recurring character and head detective, Kate Gray, as she goes head to head in a battle of wits with Trapmaker, a criminal mastermind with an affinity for traps.

How many levels are there in thin ice? ›

There are no lives, and levels can be skipped without completing them. There are 19 levels in total.

What is the code for cube escape the lake seasons? ›

Use the safe code from Seasons (1487) to get another gem. You should now have 13 items. Look at the second chest again and you'll notice a code for Cube Escape: Seasons. Go to Fall 1971 in Seasons (you may have to redo some of it) and use the code (25641) on the TV.

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