Grometa Plaza (2024)

1. Gromet's Plaza

  • Stories by Author S

  • Gromet’s Plaza is a 100% free adult story archive, updated regularly - the ultimate source of Bondage & Fetish stories. With thousands of the very best stories online featuring fetishes, bondage, self bondage, latex, packaged & encasem*nt, mummification, spandex, dollification & erotic fiction, also other story groups including Trashcan, Devoured (vore), Buried & Sinking, Transformation, PonyGirl & Petplay, & Giantess Stories.

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3. Welcome to | Bound Stories | Gromet's Plaza

  • Bound Stories is a free bondage stories story website, part of Gromet's Plaza, featuring bondage, fetish, BDSM, self bondage type stories.

4. Gromet's Plaza - Bondage Stories - The Bound Forum

  • Gromet's Plaza - Bondage Stories. Latest information for Gromet's Plaza, GaggedUtopia's Archive. Off-Topic discussion, suggestions and comments are always ...

  • Your friendly kink community!

5. Packaged Stories by Author | | Gromet's Plaza

  • Gromet (see their stories page). Auction Lot No 679 · Bound in a Suitcase 1 · 2 · 3: The Barn · Cindy Lovedoll 1: Surprise · 2: Bagged ...

  • These stories are a work of fiction, they depict people bound in packages, boxes, parcels etc. including objectification & encasem*nt. They may be tied up, encased, placed in boxes or trunks, enclosed, packaged, some may have sexual scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

6. Stories by Author S-Z | Bound Stories | Gromet's Plaza

  • A Day Dream Corrupted Fantasy Land Visited How Did I Get Myself Here A True Fairy Tale 2 3 UFO's & all that Jazz What a Thrill. Sabina. see stories below.

  • These stories concern people in bondage & bdsm scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

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  • This is a video only site where women really tie themselves up and use electro magnets, winches, pulleys, one way rope clamps, slip knots, ice release, timers ...

  • Self bondage stories archive. Updated regularly, 100% free, featuring some of the best self bondage stories on the net. With galleries and techniques, links and more.

8. Gromet's Plaza - Trashcan Stories

  • Stories from the Trashcan - contains stories of people as garbage or their desire to become mere trash or used as trash, being enclosed in trash bags, ...

  • Stories from the Trashcan - contains stories of people as garbage or their desire to become mere trash or used as trash, being enclosed in trash bags, stored, dumped or having trash thrown on them including messy play. The stories contain situations where people are objectified into garbage using bags, trashcans and dumpsters.

Grometa Plaza (2024)
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